Having Your Fiction Book Turned Into A Movie

Having your book become a movie is a long and tedious process. Most don’t write fiction well enough for their books to become movies. But if you want to learn how to write fiction such that your books become movies, read on. Only a tiny number of fiction novels and series become movies, and that is because only a handful out the hundreds of thousands that are published each year are worth becoming published in other formats, namely as a movie.

High impact fiction does a few things well that make them good candidates for movies. For one, their plots are dramatic and very tense which makes for good on screen play. Whatever was good in the book has to be amplified a hundred times visually to make it a good scene for a movie. Some disagree with this concept, but that’s really the way it is for most movie to film adaptations. You’re not going to find just any fiction make into movies because each scene of the book is scrutinized to see if it fits well as a visual piece. If it doesn’t, then you’re not likely to get a deal for a movie. It’s that simple. But some people don’t understand this process and they get emotional and frustrated, when really their foundation was the first thing that tripped them  up.