Techniques of Graffiti Art

Graffiti art sometimes leaves us in awe with its mesmerizing structure and styles. However, do you ever think what techniques these graffiti artists may use? It may look the same to people who have no interest in street art but those who enjoy it know how artists have incorporated different techniques.


Here are a few techniques used by the graffiti artists.

  • Tags are the simplest form of graffiti in which the artists just write their names or signatures in a single colour.
  • Then come the throw-ups, these are a little advanced than the tags. These are made with bubble letters using two or more colours.
  • Stencils are a lot of more complicated than the throw-ups. With stencils you can make detailed pieces in lesser time. The artist simply puts the stencil against the wall and spray paints it through the cut outs.
  • The wildstyle became popular quickly as these were 3D and complicated form of stylized writing. This is a difficult art form because of its intricate details.
  • The Pieces are mini masterpieces that take a lot of time to finalize. These gain respect from the graffiti community.
  • The Blockbuster on the other hand covers the maximum area in minimum time consisting of block letters.
  • Some places are hard to reach such as building tops, the artist who are able to reach these heights are given immense respect. This is called Heaven.

Companies that specialize in arts provide graffiti artist for hire in Melbourne. Since graffiti is not as easy as it may seem, several techniques go into the process for it to look amazing.

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