Give your Bathroom a Rustic Feel with Oak Furniture

So you’re tired of showering in such a grim and dated looking bathroom? Embarrassed when your friends come round to have dinner and they ask to use your toilet…you know, the one with the loose seat hanging off. The flaking tiles and the mildew in the corner from the damp are an eye sore that you’re ready to say goodbye to at last. Well it is not as difficult as you’d imagine! Your perfect bathroom is within your grasp; all that is required is a little bit of careful planning!

The first step is admitting that your bathroom is an embarrassment! The next step is to start the planning process and set aside a budget that you have available to spend. My advice would be to also give yourself a safety net, should you end up going over your initial budget. At least this way the additional costs will not hit you too hard as you planned ahead and allowed yourself an extra budget just in case.

The planning procedure when renovating you bathroom is arguably the most important stage! There is nothing worse than going through weeks of renovating and plenty of hard work, to find that the vanity units installed were perhaps placed in the wrong place. Or some of the plumbing has been laid incorrectly. This can render your entire project in failure and cause an awful lot of stress in the long run. This will result in having to rip up new furniture and invest even more money into your project. So make sure that you put in all of the required planning in order to ensure the best possible results and minimal mistakes.

When looking to buy furniture and bathroom vanity supplies I would recommend the Bathrooms and More Store in the UK. They offer a wide variety of different products from Oak Bathroom Furniture to Ceramic and Stone Basins. All of their products come coupled with free delivery too which is one less thing to worry about once you have the ball rolling.

Bathrooms and More Store have a wealth of experience in the Bathroom supplies industry and have been operating in the UK for over 10 years. They insist that they can beat any quote by a guaranteed 10% in order to score your business. This is their number one focus because they understand that if you take care of the customer, the customer will in turn take care of you. Through return business or recommendations, whatever the case; if a company provides quality for less – it is better for everyone.

So head over to the BMS website and start browsing their products today. You can be well on your way to turning your old bathroom into a haven of rejuvenation and tranquillity in no time! Plan well, budget carefully and then find the right supplier for you, then everything else will start falling into place. You can then start thinking about what style that best suits you and your family!