XiaoMi will have its own processor at the end of this year

Two month ago, XiaoMi launched its RedMi 2A. This smart phone adopts the LC1860C quad core processor from Leadcore. That is just the beginning of cooperation between XiaoMi and Leadcore. XiaoMi will establish one joint venture with Leadcore. It purpose is not just to use processors from Leadcore, but also develop its own processors for XiaoMi smart phones. It will help XiaoMi break the limitation by Qualcomm or Media. As we know, most of XiaoMi smart phones are adopting processor from Qualcomm. 

Of course, it will take a long time for XiaoMi to have its own processor. So, for now, XiaoMi will still use processors from Leadcore. 

Recently, news from Suverimax, the first XiaoMi processor will be available at the end of this year. That means we can see XiaoMi processor in next generation of RedMi. Of course, that is just beginning. As Mr Wang Xiang from Qualcomm joined XiaoMi, it will mend the pace of XiaoMi to develop its own processor. 

From our news, the Leadcore processors will be only adopted by RedMi mobile phones, and it can help avoid any patent problem when selling in other countries. 

As RedMi is entry level smart phones, so the performance of the first XiaoMi processor will not be very powerful. Some flagship XiaoMi mobile phone will keep on using