Let’s talk about History of jewelry

Jewelry is universal ornament. Everyone loves to wear jewelry. Jewelry has so many types. This is available in the form of metal, gold, silver, gemstones, shells, pearls, diamonds and so many other forms. When we talk about jewelry then first thing which struck in our mind is when it came in existence?

Jewelry which made from stones, bones and shells stay alive from old times. Actually, it was worn earlier as a sign of protection from the dangers of life. It was also worn earlier as a mark of their status and rank. In earlier times, people used to wear metal combined with gemstones which was normal material for jewelry. Also, Shell jewelry was in trend. People generally used shells and other plants materials in earlier times. You may better come to get about Hawaiian shell jewelry via https://www.mishalamjewelry.com/blog/


In the earliest world the detection of how to work with metals was a key phase in the growth of the art of jewelry. Over time, metal working methods became more cultured and decoration more difficult.

The story of jewelry from the past is like a human pride. Since time began man has felt a natural need to garnish himself. The worth of the resources is family member to the age in which they were used. some twenty thousand years ago, a necklace made from seashells belonging to a member of the lower class and a necklace made from large pearls belonging to a member of the upper classes of Louis XIV’s times from the particular area.