Tips And Suggestion For Fossil Collecting

Collecting fossils is an excellent hobby as well as a great investment also. Since fossils are rare, they never decrease in value, only increase. Collectors ought to focus on high quality as well as a variety of fossils to add to their collection. A beginner collector ought to invest in marine fossils such as the dastilbe fish or pyritized ammonites. For instance, you can look for preserved life and ammonite fossils for sale at geoevo

Shark teeth such as the megalodon teeth and the great white shark teeth may be more expensive, but worth the cost. Megalodon teeth can get to as giant as seven inches, which could fundamentally cost you $5,000. A collector could receive a three-inch megalodon tooth in excellent condition for around $50.00.

Shark teeth always make great necklaces! Geisenoceras, which are fossilized squid, add a wow factor to the collection. Geisenoceras are usually polished and are impressive. You cannot have a fossil marine collection without sand dollars. Fossilized sand dollars have turned in to stone and won't break like modern sand dollars do. 

Fossilized sand dollars, such as the ones from Baja, New york, range in colors from orange to brown to cream colored. The sand dollars from Madagascar are older and therefore much heavier and thicker. These are usually polished, which make collectors more interested in these sand dollars than the ones from Baja. 

Smaller bone fragments are less expensive, but not as impressive. The tidy thing about dinosaur bones is that with the right equipment can polish the bone and it becomes a stunning piece. Collectors always require dinosaur eggs in their collection, but they can be expensive.