Canelo-GGG: Boxings Biggest Fight at the Perfect Time

It’s hard to bring people again once you’ve broken their trust, and made them walk away as their boos are echoing around the T-Mobile Arena is a sign that a lot of fans of Canelo Alvarez no longer supports him.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was lost against Canelo in 12 dreadful rounds with the score of 120-108 on all three judges’ scorecards, 20, 501 fans were in no mood for clichés and excuses.

Canelo said, “I showed I could move, I could box, I could do everything, after the fight to a mixture of cheers and boos, a tiny trickle of sweat all there was to indicate he had been in a prize fight. Against a fighter who was bigger, who was stronger, I can do all things.”

Canelo Alvarez had spent 47 minutes battering his opponent’s face with professional excellence that made him as one of the greats. It was a fair evaluation of his skills in some way.

As Canelo challenges GGG, he said that he’s next as the lights went down and a Gennady Golovkin highlight played on the big screen. And then, as if to assure that people are not imagining that fight would happen. GGG comes in wearing a suit, made a ring walk of his own, with lovable, goofy smiles and bad dancing.

Golovkin said, “I feel good inside, Guys, right now is a different story. I think, in September, is big Mexican-style big drama show. We’re ready.”

The two fighters gave the fans idea on what to really expect in the lead up to one of the boxing’s biggest fight of the year.

Golovkin, “Good Luck in September.” With an en enigmatic smile on his face.

“Luck is for the mediocre people,” Canelo replied, as confetti in the red, green and white of Mexico fell. At that moment, they were the only people in the screen, starring across a distance of no more than two feet, violence filling the air. No mediocrity found on the both of them.

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