Benefits And Types of Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is basically an electrical motor without brushes. It is quite different from the DC motors. These motors are popular for a variety of applications including industrial and commercial purposes.

Stepping motor one of the most unique kinds of motors that works in any environment. It’s widely used for various functions as it involves low cost, easy construction, higher reliability and better performance at lower rate. It is also recognized to be the digital version of the electrical motor.



Basic Advantages of the Stepper Motor

 Stepper motor has several advantages and some of the most important advantages are mentioned below:

  •  The input pulse and the rotational angle of the motor are proportional to one another.
  • The stepper motor is considered to be quite reliable as it does not include contact brushes. The durability of the motor depends upon the bearing of the engine.
  • These motors are also known to be responsive to various functions included in the motor such as start, reverse and stop.
  • These motors can function in low speed.
  • Different kinds of rotational speeds can be achieved with these motors.

Various kinds Of Step Motor

There are essentially three varieties of step motors which include the

  • hybrid,
  • variable reluctance and
  • permanent magnet.

The hybrid motors are thought of as the most efficient sort of motor since it includes the best features of the variable reluctance and the permanent magnet. Aside this ,

The hybrid motors are widely used for a number of commercial purposes which include CD players, computer disk drives, printers and so forth. These motors can also be used for various industrial and scientific applications like in automated wire bonding and cutting machines, pick and place machines, machine tools, fluid control devices and in the area of robotics.  Aside from this , Click here for getting more info about  Built-in Sensors of Panasonic Industrial Devices and Solutions.

Every motor incorporates various step modes like Full, Half and Microstep. These measure modes may vary according to the design of the drivers. These motors can be connected in two ways- series and parallel. Parallel connections include high speed and increased power where as the series connection includes high power at lower rate.

As there are several AC motors available today, it’s important to choose these motors based on the rate requirement and the power of the motor. Today there are a variety of step motors available in many of the online stores that are in-built with a number of additional features at reliable prices.

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