4 Things Dance is Bound to teach you about Life!

  1. Dedication:

Being a dancer requires a lot of dedication. You would need to be present for every class and practice if you are to improve your skills. Dance class is specifically built for each form of dance you can’t just go practice ballet in your bedroom or tap dance in your kitchen area, this is one of those activities that you need the right environment to execute. You can always search “dance classes near me” to find the best dance school or classes that offers professional dance classes.

  1. Perseverance

Thought about taking Pointe anytime soon, let me guess! Not yet, once you’ve done this you would know what perseverance really is. Pointe is like standing on a cinder block on the tip of your toes for an hour while you try to remember difficult choreography and learn the basics of dance. Once, you’ve gone past this consider yourself lucky and on the verge of a successful career if that is what you aim to do.

  1. Positive self-image

When you go to competitions there is always going to be someone who is pretty much better, older, prettier, skinnier, and experienced than you. You need to accept who you are as a dancer and learn that where you’re at is okay because this is certainly not the end.

  1. Discipline

If you have ever been to dance moves, you would always notice the teacher being strict with his students with a harsh dress code and all the kids dancing in sync. The real thing is not too far from, at most studios you’re required to wear a certain dress and follow certain rules.

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